Big Score - Free Drafting table

I went to get gas  and spotted  a drafting table -  for free -  ran got gas and pulled in and tried to fit it in the jeep - its the first time I couldn't stuff something in -  called, text , called her home but I could not reach my daughter - she has a truck - the guy was nice enough to put to the side for me - drove right to my daughters (only 5 minutes away) (they were not up as yet)  then we drove down and brought it home -
Its huge - its wonderful !!!!! and it was FREE  FREE  FREE- it may be missing a few things but I now have this huge table to work on !

1 comment:

  1. I once had a huge drafting table crammed into my tiny parlor in my tiny house...never fully utilized it and finally gave it a fellow who I later learned crammed it into his even tinier office! Looks like you've got a perfect place for yours, and will make very, very good use of it. Congrats on your excellent find ")