Pulling out the hydraulic dies and boxes

Thank you Rosemary's Clay  (if any of you have not visited her blog please check it out - full of wonderful stuff) I pulled out my hydraulic dies and boxes  (actually had a 3x3 box made a while ago and after seeing  Rosemary's in use  ordered 2 of the  3x3 urethane , intensifier sheet, liquid bur life  and they are on the way
 I have the bonny doon  small round one that fits the non conforming dies which I only have one and I have 4 of the Potter round dies  and some of the urethane round pieces for that set  - lots of strips of brass textures to use in the rolling mill -  so getting prepared
I need to get some 1/4" plexi to make my own patterns  still and I want to modify my big press to fit all this  


  1. WOW! You have everything! I see you have some of the same long brass texture sheets that I have. Aren't we going to have fun?!! The garage has been too hot to work in (and 90 deg. outside), as I have been fusing glass the past week. But it's going to get cooler again in a few days.

  2. The darn weather is what controls us - too hot and you dont want to do hot glass or work - too cold same thing -
    the texture sheets are really old got them long long time ago when I was doing PMC for the first time - finally dual usage !