Friday was a good day at the studio - etching copper sheet

What an absolutely lovely day - and made my way to the studio to start to do some more clean up
My daughter came and got the washer and dryer that were at the front area- freeing up some more room to move around

while doing that  I decided to etch the copper sheets I needed for an order and to put up on etsy
so I got my sheets that I had cut the other day, and flattened
sheets are cut  3" x 4"

I used hot hot water and soap and used a scrubby to clean the oils that were on from the manufacture of the roll and my fingers 

once cleaned - handle only by the edges  as you dont want any oils from your fingers (although they were clean during the cleaning processing )

Next I need to stamp using my zentangle full size rubber stamps - available on etsy 
the stamps are about 8-1/2 x 11"  
In this case its my sheet pattern #2
 I use the Staz-On white (only by preference the other Staz-on work as well )
I buy the kit that has extra ink as it does dry out quickly and you use a lot when stamping the large stamp 
Once on then carefully apply the 3 x 4 sheet of copper hold down tight - try not to shift it  - and I push all round the edges with one hand while the other holds in place -  the stamp pad  ink is sticky so as you push down it tends to hold in place 
then when ready to pull up - hold down one corner and pick up from opposite corner and lift carefully 
clean up is easy I use some thinner - to clean up - this is my original stamp from a few years ago 
dont worry  if you get any fingerprints on the back while stamping - that will clean off later 

set to dry 
Next is apply the packing tape  - I got the 3" wide from uline that I find does not leave as much glue as others - so easier clean up later 
I apply and then  put into etching solution- The glass tray is on a dollar store cookie sheet that sits on an electric grill - set to WARM - cant have it too high 
this solution is from last year and I cleaned out the old material and heated it back up - I put in some fresh - not much - once heated I put in the pieces for etching 

while waiting I stamped my big necklace I want to make up 

About 1-1/2 hours later I pulled out of etch  and rinsed and set into backing soda to stop the reaction
(be careful when rinsing - not down your pipes ) 

the first three done 
I sell them as unfinished - I clean up a bit and then put into plastic bags 

so I  finished about 12  on Friday - only a few more to go then I can do the necklace \

close up of #1 
the first 6 go to the UK for an order but the rest I hope to have up on etsy this weekend 


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