Wrap Bracelet

I keep seeing these wrap bracelets in ads on Facebook as well as my daughter wants one and asked if I could make one

tripped up to the studio to find leather cord, some nymo thread, needles and some beads - now I have a ton of beads but of course not the ones I need -  although I did find some 6mm glass coloured that I thought I'll just do a prototype and see how hard it is

You use the ladder stitch -   here is a tutorial   http://www.limabeads.com/Learning-the-Ladder-Stitch-T33
The tutorial I followed:

Lots of tutorials on google - not very hard
I like this one now the best from Rings N Things


followed a tutorial on the web - I may have used a bit larger than I should have for beads ?  not sure - they said 6 mm  - not happy with the way they did the ends and found another I would prefer to follow so the next one will be better and I want  5 wraps in the end

found my button stash ! and used a whole 1 button up 


  1. Such a coincidence! I decided to try one, too - just started it on Friday, and am still stitching (because I chose tiny seed beads to make mine!) -
    Yours looks terrific!

  2. I think something smaller - picked up some beads of all places - michaels today - only a bit smaller than the ones I used - turquoise this time - I was eyeing some 8's ? in seed beads - not too small as I have lots of them
    going to give it another try