More , copper/brass Etching

And got started early this morning so I can do three batches (if I really wanted to go gung ho I'd bring out the second hot plate and dish - which may happen this week so each night I can keep making)
1st batch was three plates while I prepped for 2nd batch 

2nd (washers and one plate)  and 3rd batch (3 plates)  (need to be done by 2pm to meet my daughter and grandchildren for dinner)

finished 2nd batch  and had one plate in the solution
final batch is 3 more plates 

starting to accumulate cleaned pieces - used acetone to clean off the left over adhesive on the backs of the pieces (this tape seems to be great as it does not seem to leave as much on it ) and it takes off the staz on - then used the dremel with split mandrel and 220 sandpaper - takes off the edges and smooths the surface  (will sandblast the plates and small pieces to get them clean inside the etched depressions)
Not being in the studio really is making things slow -  cant just turn around and use my stations  - have to trek through the snow and cold -  cant wait for spring

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