New Tools and a trip to the studio

Got my new tube straightener tools
hope to give them a work out this week
cant wait to try them out for some prototypes need some straight tube to put the pnp on for etching want to get some done this weekend  so I need to prep a bunch 
brought in the stamps and staz on as well 
note those stamps are now 2 years old and have been frozen, super heated cleaned with naptha, and other solvents and still going strong 

brought in some sheet to cut up - I just ran out on etsy of the 3 x 4"  thinking of doing a size that will fit into the envelope that is 4 x 6 and then an 8-1/2 x 11 envelope sheet for peple to cut up 
will need to print some pnp as well 

I need to make prototype necklaces without the etch to make sure I choose which way to bend without making a mistake - the cap ends are for finishing 

lots of plans now if I can just motivate myself over the next few nights and get some things done I'll be ahead of the game 

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