Very impressed with the first run samples - it took a lot for me to get the bail off and I did not clean either the glass back or the bail and maybe I had a bit too much glue on the pieces - but the results are still better than using E6000

So Test 2 is going to clean both bail and glass and a little less glue - less is more
I bought the kit - has a small and large bottle of the glue a filler or gap filler and last clean similar to nail polish remover 
Cleaned the pieces \and glued
pushed down hard to seal 
and as advertised it was glued in one second and I could hold up the piece right away 
so I have two still from original test 1to see how they last (I'll start to wear them next week to see if they last hanging from a necklace ) 
this one I'll try tomorrow to see if the seal is any better 

but again - really good results compared to what I am using now 


  1. Isn't it great to find something that lives up to it's expectations. Your pieces do look lovely. :)

  2. Thank You - and yes - I have tried all kinds of glue - the best I had found was the UHU creative for glass/jewelry but they stopped selling it in the USA and Canada - I can get from the UK - Just havnt as I wanted something I could buy locally - so far so good - really please