Wine bottle slump on my own zentangle texture mold

I made this ceramic texture mold for use in clay  to make a reverse of one of my rubber stamps
I ran out of wine bottles and was going to fire an already slumped one but really wanted to slump on to the mold with an un-slumped bottle to see how it works

Found one today .... so its in the kiln now running the following schedule

seg 1    300/hr     1360   hold 20
seg 2    300/hr      1465   hold 10
seg 3     full          960     hold 60
seg 4     100          825    hold 0

so we will see what will happen - I took this from  another schedule for a tile /bottle slump so I hope the slow rise and fall will be ok

I made the original ceramic tile  with a low fire clay  1800 deg  and as long as you dont go over that it should hold up

sprayed it with Boron Nitride (twice - as its not been covered before they suggest  spray the usual way - wait 5 min and spray again)
I placed the bottle on the mold and my neck set up - and away she goes ......

I took this already slumped off my mold and replaced with a regular wine bottle - so its in slumping now - will post later when cooled 

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