Tiger II - fuse fix - possible save

Not that I should not paint another one - I probably will
but I chose to attempt to save the one I inadvertently cracked last week and broke

so into the kiln it went - pushed it together tight - turned on the kiln to full
1425 is what is called a tack fuse and glass will "tack"  stick to itself  and the sides and surface do not chance much -  but I chose to go higher -  I made sure the painted part was face down  so that the paint would not burn off at the higher temp - I went to about 1550  and it looked smooth -  I could not see the crack - so hoping it worked
Here is a pic before and currently in the kiln (I took a pic as I flashed to 1000 deg)
I will put colored frit on it so it should also help hold it together but this way the front is smooth
I see I will have to grind the edges as the single sheet tends to start to spread at that higher temp 

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  1. Great fix! I would have attempted it too. I have a beautiful slumped piece that I dropped and broke in two. I keep looking at it and wondering ....