Trying to slump a wine bottle

I thought my hot shot was big enough as it does have a 12" interior but the shelf is only 11" in diameter so I had to jury rig something so that the bottle fit -  I added a shelf bit to extend and make more of a handle for the top - and pieces of shelf paper to protect the sides and bottom - just in case

Its the first time I've tried it - never did a bottle before but have wanted to make a cheese tray -
set the kiln controller based on some info on the net  and let it go
500 °F per hour to 1000  250°F per hour to 1300 then as fast as you can to 1425   then off and flash  to 1000 - had to download the manual again as I cant find it when you want it - to learn how to program  it again

I went up to 1425 in this first test

and I was very pleased with the outcome -  still at 150  by the time I wanted to go to bed so a quick photo and I'll take it out in the morning and try bottle #2  - I might go a bit higher to 1450 to get the end to drop a little more flatter - I have seen them pretty much fused - its still a bump  - but I'd still like to determine it was once a bottle

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