Wine Bottle Slump - On Cermic Zentangle Pattern - Success

I opened the kiln early this morning 6am could wait any longer -
the bottle was intact - the cermic pattern tile was intact
I carefully lifted out the tile with the bottle on top - as I have never used the Boron Nitride before I was afraid it might be stuck -  nope - lifted off like a dream ! Gonna love this stuff

hard to take a pic to get to show the pattern but here you go -  I'll put together a step by step on making the ceramic tile - as its under 2000 degrees and most glass kilns have that parameter as their top temp - there should be no reason you cant make a clay tile in your kiln using rubber stamps


  1. Very nice! And I like that spray too. I have been sanding the old kiln wash off my older molds and redoing them with the spray. The FB group really liked your rubber stamp ... hopefully you'll get a few new orders. I don't know if you remember, but I ordered all of your stamps! I just got a laser printer and am anxious to print a few images and start etching again.

  2. I go through the phases - and yes got a couple of orders - no piece of glass is safe in my house right now - in the fusing frenzy - grabbing a ton of glass I have in the basement and getting it up to the studio - I am finding lots of precut circles I had for painting - and lots of 96 and bullseye glass