New Deep Bangle Bracelet Roller

Couldnt hold out - had to go up to freezing studio and put the new roller in and make some samples - its about  28 degrees in the studio right now - I turned the heaters on plus its getting warmer out so maybe by tomorrow it will be about 40

the roller

the quick samples - 1-7  with 14g  

The patterns are deeper and more apparent and for larger gauge wire which is great 
I may want to anneal them first to make them softer to pass through the mill but thats for tomorrow - I have tons to do today and a luncheon to go to  so not really a lot of time - so these were rushed and I am seeing I amy not have set quite correctly to get the patterns clearly - but I'll bring up my solder and stuff and make bangles tomorrow from these samples anyway

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  1. I can't seem to find this roller anywhere! I think you got a gem. Where did you see this at? I always would have wanted to get something to do thicker wire! Very neat.