Beginning a new booth set up

Tired of trying to lay out all my stuff on a 2x6ft table -  I need to go with some height to get things more organized as well and to fit things better on the table

Got some metal grid panels  - two for each corner
got some  peg hooks to hang my  jewelry cards (just revamped a bunch )
got some J-hooks that stick to the back of the cards and make it easier to hang - and easier to get off the peg
I measured a rod to go across - so I can hang my fish at about eye level
I got some baskets that hook onto the grid - so I can put my copper bracelets and my dichro above the table and out of the way

I started by assembling - without the table and hanging items to test it out and see what I need to fill it out

starting to come together - the top baskets may have to be replaced with a shelf

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