Bangles - bangles bangles

More bangles - with the new roller
and a big o'l twisted copper - Did get much time in the studio even though it was warm (its 60F this morning in the studio so will be going up tonight to play -  made bangles and cleaned up my glass table in prep to play yesterday - but am catching a bad cold
The big twisted is made with copper tubing that I bought at home depost - very small tubing - annealed it to make it soft (two pieces)  and then twisted the two together
the next larger one over to the right is also made with the tubing - annealed and run through the new roller  - picked up some of the pattern - still not happy  and the last two are 14b run through the mill
I need to really patina them all to get a really nice color and it will show up the patterns better - more to come

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