And yet..... more bangles and patterns from the Mill

I left heaters on in the studio on Saturday while I was at the BeadFX trunck show so that when I got home it was warmer (40 and sometimes up to 50 degrees) so I could unload and start putting things away .  I spent Sunday organizing and cleaning up for the winter and putting liquids into a couple of storage boxes to take to the house so they don't freeze (pretty sure I've forgotten a few things but I hope to find the rest by the weekend)

Having the heaters on - let me play Sunday (with a couple of fleece jackets on so I of course cleaned and played with copper wire

put in another of  the new rollers I got a week or so ago  - its kind of great exchanging them out as you clean and re-dress the threaded screws to maintain the rolling mill - I thought it would be a pain but its so simple - I still need to fix it to a board so I can clamp it down while in use

so I made of course more samples to see what the patterns turn out like 14g and 16g - I love them - and of course made more of those twisted bracelets too. (16g copper)  - I just have to patina

I did try using some new copper w/flux solder from Rio - not bad to use (I am just bad at it) and I started using my little smith  torch with bottled oxy and mapp -   I think I'll get my propane bottle filled and bring up one of my oxy cons and set it up in the spring

anyway - love making these bracelets

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  1. I love all your bangles... and I soooooo want a roll mill too! :)