Ringinator Time !

Got the ringinator out to cut the coils
Set up and prepped and did some jump rings

part of new set up was a large jug of cutting oil (water based) and I have a drip pan to drain into a a collection tray  but I want to connect a plastic tube to the end of the drip pan and then drain into a jug of same size so I dont have to keep emptying the trays -   the big jug is just is great but the small collection pans are a pain. So going to find some tubing tomorrow that is small enough to fit the drip pan and then get another jug of same size - that way as my big jug empties in front of me I'll get a really long time of cutting without stopping. Still had about 1/3 of cutting oil left and two full drain pans
after 5 minutes of cutting filled the two drain trays so you can see if I can drain off into a larger jug then I would not have to stop and change out 

 Just 5 minutes of cutting

Nice pile cleaned and drying 

just melted a hole to put the tube in to suck out the cutting oil 

the metal piece is to let the rings fall down into the collander

odd angle but you can see its a standard bead tray - will connect some tubing to a jug

still lots to do 
cant wait to cut the aluminum colored coils


  1. Can you show us the actual tool you use to cut the rings with?

  2. Deborah you totally amaze me! Thanks for sharing your tips, tricks and all your beautiful stuff!