Ringinator set up changes - update

Proposed changes for tonight to the set up

  • condense into one jug intake and drainage - will give me perpetual oil recycling I tried this but the little aquarium pump had a hard time pushing the oil vertically - so maybe a larger pump is required - so went back to two jug system for now - but the two lids have both size drain and suction holes so its jut open the lids and switch jugs - no repoouring etc.. 
  • put a filter into the jug to take out copper grindings - maybe a coffee filter as its not pouring too fast back into the canister so it should give it time to filter and drain back into the jug  This works ! so now back to two jug system the receiving jug I put the coffee filter in the mouth of the jug and twist the lid to hold the edges 
  • fix the cut ring exit tray so the cut rings will fall into sieve without me having to push them - needs some sort of sides and a better angle - I bent up the sides and pushed it down a bit - its ok but still not perfect - still have to push every once in a while the pile that is accumulating 
  • figure out how not to have drips from the exit tray - maybe new type of exit tray  - or it has to sit up higher so there is more room for the drain tray to be under the exit tray  put the tray just over the sieve bin and a piece of packing tape to hold the trays together - once done no drainage 

cant wait to get home and make the mods and cut some more stuff tonight - should be end of copper coils  and onto the the silver plated

cut the balance of the copper and did the silver plated copper  16g  so next is the colored aluminum 


  1. Very interesting set-up! You're clearly an engineer at heart! But what I haven't seen anywhere is what you are cutting so many jump rings for! Do you also do chainmaille?

  2. I like the chain mail necklaces -and I always dont post everything I guess- and some things I make just for myself - I like the connections to have a section of byzantine (my copper etch bracelets- the circles ) connections with jump rings etc... and my grandaughter loves making her own as well