Back to the torch after the burn

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I needed to finish about 16 more frill  beads for a necklace so sat down tonight to get them made
A little hesitant after the big burn on saturday but not scared to torch just worried I would be uncomfortable with the heat near my hand  - but my hand is no where near enough to feel the heat my mandrels are 12" long - so I got them made  (with an extra two just in case )  so tomorrow morning I"ll pull from the kiln and tomorrow night clean the beads and finish the necklace - I hope I made enough

The thumb is a bit sore but its got polysporin on it and a large bandaid to cover and protect - the finger is fine (with a single bandaid) - soak in the morning and at night with epson salts - and no you did not have to peel me off the ceiling - no sting at all (so far)

typically I only burn myself on the stove or oven and not my kilns or torch .....O well live and learn

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