Fused Glass - 4th Panel ready for engraving

Finished this one last night just had to wait for it to cool- getting way ahead of myself - I love making these panels - need to catch up first before making more - I didnt realize how much system 96 dichro I have- but happy to have lighter colours to use - I'll have to take a pic of the pile - collected over 10 years
I do love coe 90 and I started out with system 96 - full circle back to system 96


  1. Gorgeous - and that patterned glass is a fantastic touch. can't wait to see how you engrave this one! I'm hooked on making them, too, but have declared a moratorium until some of the other pieces sell!

  2. Doing a whole sheet is way too easy when you have way too much dichro that one has been saving for about 10 years