Fused Glass - 3rd 6" x 6" panel in the kiln

So I decided I was out of coe 90 colour dichro that was light enough for the sheet - so I went in search of my system 96 that I know I have  a lot of

wow I found it hard to photograph - its so smooth and shiny
I made it last night while my other pieces fire polished in the kiln and cooled down so this morning I tossed it into the kiln - as you can see I tilted it to get the best of the colours that sit on another sheet of black glass
the hairspray is way cool glue and burns off clean

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  1. stunning colors! Can't wait to see how you cut out the finished pieces - so many possibilities!

    And on an unrelated note, I must be a robot, because I absolutely cannot read the word verification on your blog. It always takes me 4 or 5 tries!