Sunday, August 19, 2012

Finished Etched Small Disc Copper Zentangle Bracelets and Necklace

I stamped 60 pieces of 1"  copper discs with my zentangle pattern from my rubber stamps
After etching 60 pieces of the 1" discs .   5 per tape load and 6  loads per etching container ( thats two etching sessions)  I had to clean - my most un-favorite part

But once done I was able to color sets to match pendants and earrings as well as make a full disc necklace

I love the colored sets - I put toggles on as I find they are easier to manipulate when putting on a bracelet - and on one end a bit of byzantine as part of the extender
I made some with just liver of sulphur 

 Then I took some of the liver of sulphur discs and made a necklace

All discs were cleaned using penny brite, then sanded with dremel and split mandrel and sandpaper (be careful - because these were smaller than the pendants I tended to let the lap from the sandpaper hit my finger - which sanded down my skin and made it bleed.  Didnt really hurt but the damage was done by the time I realized what I had done - so I put a bandaid on and continued to work)