Etched Copper Zentangle Earrings

Finally got all the earrings etched - the final 18 sets.

Started cleaning -

If you are working with copper - one of the best cleaners to make it easier is something called Penny Brite -
(forgive the terrible pics - it was so hot in the studio I was rushing)

 it does what it says - I use a toothbrush and just dip it in water and then into the penny brite and lightly scrub - you dont have to do too much more than that - then just wash off - especially when your making zentangle patterns - this cleans out the areas that have been etched out very easily
I still use the dremel and sandpaper to take off the stazon and it smooths the surface and takes off any burs
very dark and patina'd (before penny brite) 

less than a minute later - bright as a new penny 

I finished them all rather quickly (needed to I had sweat dripping off me from the heat)

I decided to mix  the colors of the ranger patinas just to see what would happen 
I lay it on heavy so that I get it in all the grooves 
I put a drop of one colour and then another - then used the cue tip and dabbed till it was covered 

 Then I used my dremel and sandpaper and sanded the raised areas  (terrible pic) but I liked the results

I forgot to punch holes so I put them in and cleaned the backs and dipped into my permalac EF and left them to dry - I'll dip in the morning again  and put on my earring findings.  I think I am going to change the store bought ones for silver wire ones that I will make  


  1. They look great - I need to work more with alcohol inks. I always want to blend the colors, and all they do is bleed. I need to learn to stick with one color!

    Have you ever tried torching the staz-on off, and then pickling to remove the fire scale? I get my staz-on off this way after etching, because I will do anything to avoid the dreaded filing! the staz-on comes right off in the flame!

  2. I'll give it a try - I like the dremel as it also does the bur removal and smooths the surface for me