Etching Multiple Small Pieces

I like to use packing tape and stretch it across my glass container - I find the floating Styrofoam cumbersome  and some more expensive to use - double sided tape is more expensive than regular packing tape.

If you put more than one piece of copper the pieces tend to bend in the center  so I wanted to be able to put 5 pieces of round copper to etch  so it needs support.

I found the easiest and lightest pieces are those foam nail files you can get two for a dollar at the dollar store.
They have foam centers and are just long enough to fit into the glass container - if not I could cut very easily

I tape my copper pieces as usual then place the file on top and put another piece of tape.  Voila - lightweight and supports the pieces and lets them sit in a straight line on the surface of the ferric chloride
so I can make 30 of the etched pieces at a time 

Another tip - as you put your taped pieces in just write the time you put it in so you can gauge when you should check it - sometimes I've forgotten when I put in - although I just check the piece visually 


  1. Excellent info, - thank you SO much!

    Best regards from Eva Mari in Norway :)

  2. Great tip. Next time I'm at the dollar store, I'll grab a few foam files and give it a try.