Out of the Kiln (Ceramics) 9-2-11

I would have posted last night but I lost my memory card walking down from the Studio to the house in the dark last night and had to go out and find it this morning .
More bezels , some white work - possibly put solder around etc..   just trying different things
Going to pick up some low fire red clay to add to the mix today and see how that turns out.
Here is my kiln with the bead rack -  note that I put supports close to center to ensure that the mandrels (they are stainless steel and tend to bend in the heat) do not sag and cause the piecs to touch or slide during firing . I'll fire either bisque or painted but not mixed even though both could be fired at 04 or 06

I am extremely happy with how the bezels are turning out - my next project to make samplers with the bezels and resin
I've go good depth for the resin and I am liking my two-tone coverage 
So far I'm making stars, hearts and circles - I keep forgetting to make squares and rectangles but I'll do that today or tomorrow 
Some white work- I do not have to paint a color the clay fires white enough just to glaze 

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