Tuesday, April 26, 2011

this week was a bust

I have a show on april 30th - havnt done much
made my Just Resin to launch but nil on glass beads or new fused

I was dumb and forgot to wear my timer during fusing on Sunday   and forgot about my kiln - something I never do
so now I have to buy a new base and ring for my favorite Aim kiln  - be a week before it comes but its not what I needed to spend money on but I have to replace right away so that when I'm ready to fuse in the next month its available...  Need to work on a few projects and sign up for Fusion Glass and Clay show in October should be different type of venue than my current shows - this one is more pottery and larger glass pieces not just jewelry

My patio door sits - as its been too cold and rainy to even feel slightly like working in the outdoors as yet so I have to crawl over it to get to my desk in the studio  and I'll wait till after my show to install and when it gets warmer

Once the show is over I'll take pics of everything and get them posted - my daughter is taking a photography course so maybe I'll get some good pics for my site

I have new websites to design and an online store  to get up and running in the next 30 days

so lots to do

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