Metal cutting and forming

 So with bringing the Niobium out again I had some ideas I wanted to incorporate into metal  from my papercrafts -  I have  used my cutting dies to cut  36g copper and make roses  which I formed using the same tools I do with the paper and  used nail polish to color and a brad to hold it together (center hole in all layers)

Using Nail Polish Pre Nail polish

The niobium is thicker  30g  so I dont want to try to damage my dies  so I am going to draw out the  image (or use one of my stamps)  in this case a peony  is one of my favorites  and I am also waiting on some pancake dies for cutting  

Today I bought the  pansy  Heartfelt Creations shaping mold  so will see if its strong enough to bend the 30g  after I cut it out by hand (not my fav thing to do ) 

 so will see how sturdy for the 30 g - probably ok with the 36g copper and will try that too  - I can still use for my paper design anyway  if I cant - will only try one so not to damage the whole  mold  - so cant wait -  with niobium hope to get about the same color range you see above  you do with paper 


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