Getting in Gear !!!!

So planning on 3 things to get done this weekend

gong to clean up my basement studio so I can do some lampworking when I want - its warm in the house and I need to just make sure the hoses are ok and I have a full propane tank  and clean up some cobwebs and dustbunnies

bringing in the niobium kits so I can make some earring wires and other things and to assemble what I already made  

bringing in the  etching solution and stamps as I need to make some earrings
so going to make sure I have all three stamps -to work with - have been  using two of the zentangle to make ceramic plates with

refresher on etching for earrings
if you remember I start with my 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of rubber stamp with my own zentangle images on (available on etsy) 
then I put the staz on white by patting it on - I like the white 
see image of the stamp pad (the pipe is just another thing I was doing at the time ) 
I had copper  blanks (18g) from Metalliferous 
that I cleaned and then pushed downonto the coated rubber stamp 
I did not want them too identical 
then I put them on packing tape and suspended them face down into the etching solution - 
you can fit a good few on each tape but in this case I only did 1 each - if you do put about 4 or 5 you will need to back up the tape with something solid like a nail file or  a tongue depressor to give it support - I find the dollar store files work great 
then after they have etched sufficiently 
take them off the tape and clean them up - I like a metal bursh - and split mandrel with sanpaper
now you can put holes in for earrings or pendants - shape them 

then seal them - I use the  permalac to dip them in 

so hoping to make about 20 pair this weekend 

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