Classes in Ottawa !

Had a blast teaching in Ottawa at GSS Flameworking
this studio has room for up to 11 people - and great  beginner classes as well - you can rent time  if you dont have the space for a lampworking studio in your home  or until you do
Great  Lampworking supplies and tools -   Grace  (owner) has some great glass in stock

Grace also has  gallery space you can rent by the month -  it makes total sense to pay the rent and consign your work there -  in most places they take a percentage of your sale here you just keep your rental space  filled and  if you sell 100.00 you get a 100.00  its a nice clean transaction ! I am definitely going to  put  my work up there for display - gong to have to get back there again shortly

The whole Ottawa area is lovely to visit and tour through

cant wait to go back

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