New projects for 2016 - Anodized Niobium and Anodized Titanium

I am making my list up of projects I want to learn to do this year

#1 - Niobium  & Titanium Metal Anodizing
I bought the start up kit over 12 years ago and it sat - I've lost a few items so today I reordered - nothing major but could not find the anode or the resist tape  so I ordered from Reactive Metals Studio  so I would have for the weekend - they have an online catalog and they have start up kits

If you dont know what niobium or titanium anodizing is - its this !

You have to use a reactive metal -

both Titanium and Niobium starts out as a silvery grey metal in sheets, rolls, rod, wire -  works out about the same for coloring

then you dip in the  electrified water  and you get this

I bought the SMT micro annodizer from Reative Metals
the cathode is a stainless steel annode (its only about 1.00/ft )
a plastic mesh to keep you from touching the cathode when you dip

you get a range of color dependant on the voltage
Image result for anodized niobium with paint brush

You can dip - and get a rainbow effect dependent on the voltage,
use a sponge, Image result for anodized niobium with sponge(not my earrings)

a paint brush (all have to conduct current and easy to make ) I cant find the sample I saw but I'll post when I do it

this may give you some control on where to paint a certain color at a certain voltage

its actually one of the easier anodizing procedures to do

Niobium is a more expensive metal and you cant solder so you do a lot of cold connections  - I love these earrings (not mine )
 but so want to make these

 Titanium  is also a reactive metal - less expensive if you want to play
(not my earrings)   so you can see  you can get the same color ranges

I love that it comes in thin metal like 30g for both  so I can use for  microfolding

#2 on m;y list is soldering anodized aluminum with copper - just investigating this - to make mixed wire colored collars -  just finding out the right fluxes and solders - I'll post when I get to that as I have yet to find suppliers to ship to me in Canada


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  2. That looks really cool - [you're new sign in system is different - it takes some getting used to!]

    1. I have a new sign in system - off to find out whats going on

  3. Interesting! Looking forward to seeing what you do. Am also waiting to see your new metal stamps soon! I have bought a few recently, but my right shoulder is not ready for hammering or using the hydraulic press. Seeing the doctor today.

  4. Beautiful colours! It will be interesting to see how you get on once your supplies arrive :D

    1. Yes looking for that add on to metals - I have always loved the coloring on these metals - and they will compliment the copper

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