Yes I  check Kijiji every once in a while (something like craigs list in the u.s.)  and came across a contents sale -  I checked the kiln out - worth 3700 cdn  - and the kiln I want ! -
 I had very little in the bank this weekend - If  only I hadnt spent  so much money last week .....anyway
pick it up tomorrow between noon and 4 - so happy  could dance

came home put plywood in back of car for support  - and cleaned an area in the studio so \i can plunk it in there till spring - hoping my daughter and I can lug this to the car up a set of stairs - the lid comes off which is good - and the base has handles and I'll take out the shelves that add a lot of weight

Cone Art Glass Kiln  42 x 31 x 9

comes with shelves 

extremely happy now I have the kiln I've always wanted !!!!!   A big one so I can do big things  yeah !!!!


  1. congratulations! excited for you-hope you don't have any troubles moving it into place

  2. How exciting! Looking forward to seeing what you fire in it :D

  3. Me too ! the move should not be too bad - on my end I opened up some space to just put it inside the door at the studio will worry about final position in the spring

  4. That was a great find ... Congratulations!!! Too bad you have to wait until springtime to use it. Do you have lots of snow now .. Is that the reason? Just a few months to wait.

  5. Right now not too bad but we expect snow this week - I figure I'll be in by the end of March at least - cant wait