Annodizing Niobium /Titanium- getting ready

Dealing with Reactive Metals has been a real pleasure - very helpful, great communications - quick delivery - so if your interested in doing Anodizing  Niobium/titanium  then contact them

check out the Annodizing  Video - its great  - Rio Grande posted but its by Bill Seeley - founder of Reactive Metals Studio   :   He makes it look so simple - !!!!

I ordered the Thesis on Annodizing Titanium - its only 5.60 with your order but its full of great information on what Titanium is, how Annodizing works  etc....

so I think I am ready to do this on the weekend--  I will detail out as I set up myself but this is what you need

A reminder - I would be remise in not mentioning you could shock yourself - we are working with electricity - so wear the rubber gloves !  follow the instructions (which look simple)

I have my Annodizer unit  (for at least 12 years )
 you can get this as a full kit
which I did long ago from Reactive Metals or you can also get kit from Rio Grande

Your set up (and I hope mine ) will look something like this

the only thing about this pic is the person is NOT wearing the rubber gloves -

Plastic container- non conductive material - glass would work too  -   plastic mesh so you dont touch the stainless steal anode with your metal
Black clip  is on the anode and red is on the conductive wire/sheet/tube  (metal)
the water is distilled or bottled water without chemicals (they list other liquids you could use - there is a reason)  - evidently chlorine does not help the reaction - and you add TSP  to the water which helps the reaction as well

More explanation  on the weekend as I set up step by step - I am so excited I am doing something other than paper cutting .......

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