Smith Little Torch with Oxygen Concentrator set up

the first half of setting up the Smith Little torch  so that I dont have to use those annoying little tanks is the oxygen side - In most cases you dont need much oxy to run the torch and an oxy con will give you oodles of oxy - I found the torch ran better with the oxy con -

I already had oxy cons (2) set up for my lampworking torch - they are set up so the run from each oxy con to a T connector to a single hose then to my torch

For the Smith I only need to use one of the concentrators so I just undid one of the  fittings and put a new one that is connected to some clear aquarium hose (thats the size I used so that the flow was not lost in a larger hose )

then I ran it over to my soldering station at least 15 ft ) -  put another  fitting on - then put a No. 30 brass coupler  that fits in the green fitting -  and fits on the green oxy nut to the smith torch

when using an oxy con you need to leave the valve open and you will hear the oxy hissing -  the reason is the alarm will go off on the oxy con if the flow is restricted -   so when you light your torch you need to turn off the oxy for a short bit (under 30 seconds is good) light your propane and then turn on the oxy -  you may have to adjust your oxy con so that it is producing less depending on how it reacts - alarm may sound if flow is too small but reducing the level LPM  would help - I usually lampwork at full LPM for each oxy con

Next will be setting up the small proapne tank (its not as big as the bbq tank ) I just need to get mine filled - but you do need a gauge on it  and I hope I have enough fittings to hook it up but it lasts a long time on one fill


  1. I have only one oxygen concentrator that I use for my little Smith and lamp working torches and it is way sufficient. So you need TWO for your lamp working? Is it because you are using boro? Curious.

    1. yes but I like two even for my regular 104 there are oxy cons out there soing about 10 lpm as a single - mine are true 6lpm each so its not just about being 1 or two its total lpm output - mine are 15 years old

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  9. Hi Deborah. I realize this was an old post, so I’m hoping you still see my comment. I would like to set up a Smith Little Torch with oxy concentrator. I started hunting for a used oxy-con yesterday. Today, someone messaged me about a CPAP machine. Can it be adapted for this purpose??? Thanks for your time!