Finally got the printed magazine to transfer

I finally got some time and wanted to try the printed image on magazine to my silver for the boho ring

the first try  on Monday night I think - almost worked as I tried my industrial hot plate - but I did not think it was hot enough

tonight I turned up one more on the dial and it worked - but.... I think some of the colour from the magazine transferred as well - but I am going to etch anyway - and take my chances - I'll have to try and get magazine pages without color to print on
this is a 3" x 3" piece of sterling silver sheet - it will be in the etching bath for about 2.5 hours 

I have looked all over my studio for my electric stencil cutter and plastic sheets - nada - cant find it - I had the stencil blanks only in the summer  and I know I had the cutter around then too 

so I went out today - to get new - so it should show up any time now 
I want to cut my own template designs so I can keep them 


  1. Hi Deborah,

    I realize that this post is over a year old, but I've not visited for a while and was catching up on your posts.

    I wanted to suggest trying the backing paper of LASER printer labels (maybe inkjet too... haven't tried them). I have used these sheets to transfer laser printed images using an iron on the hottest setting. Works very nicely. I never thought of trying this for etching as I didn't think the ink would hold up against the chemicals... Glad to know my assumption was wrong :O)

    I print a lot of shipping labels and started saving the backing paper early on so have a nice stash... Maybe you have a shipping department at work? Or know someone...

    Anyway, just a thought...
    Take care,
    Sharon in Iowa, USA

  2. I forgot to mention, no soaking in water/rubbing off the paper is necessary. The laser ink transfers completely from the paper backing to the metal. Really simplifies the process, and less messy.