Great Silver Etch

Got a great silver etch from the print on magazine paper transfer

This old school transfer system is not only  less expensive that PnP but works as well
a little extra effort to burnish and rub the paper off -  but still works great

I sat in my extremely chilly studio - didnt think that 2-1/2 hours would feel so long in the cold - I should have put on a heater - but I bundled up into my favorite lounger with a blanket and watched Netflix and surfed the web and drew a new ring template
(going to use my vinyl template blanks and electric cutter to make permanent templates )

but I was please with the Nitrate etch  - 2 hours
I used my zentangle design - reduced it down to size - that way I get more design per inch  on the smaller item I am making  -  my original design is 8-1/2 x 11  so I just resized in word and printed on the magazine with my HP older laser printer

I measured the water needed (I use a small glass dish to fit the 3x3" size piece of silver - so I would use less ferric nitrate -  I warmed the water up in the microwave -  then added the ferric nitrate  (from the )  I set it on my hot plate to keep it warm
I put packing tape on the back - just like I do the copper  then suspended it with packing tape (be sure to get it taped without any lifting) from side to side - do not let it touch the bottom - all the same rules as etching copper -  I agitate every 1/2 hour - I lift to ensure no bubbles have gotten stuck on the plate -  I check at an hour to see if etching (I just use a popsicle stick to feel if there is any etch )  then again at 2 hours  - fresh nitrate seems to give me a good deep etch at 2 hours -  a more surface etch at 1.5 hours -  I want to see how the ring turns out with a deep etch.   so next is to take my new template (when I get it cut possibly tonight) and outline the design where I want it and then to sawing with my Knew Concept saw again -