Christmas Stocking

Its not glass , metal or a bead - my granddaughter wanted a "Frozen" Christmas stocking and I went around everywhere - in November ! thinking I was not leaving till last minute - but everything was sold - ads at walmart and I ran right over in the morning - all gone
so I bought an inexpensive stocking at walmart for $6 - white with sparkle snowflakes - I figured that would be a great background
I found an elsa and used the t-shirt transfers to put on -  thought it looked boring so I went in search of figuring out how to do her name in the "frozen" font  (which is called Oliver)  so many free font sites plus I found one that did a step by step on how to do the name using the font and another online program for making logos going back there to make one for my web site and the blog -  then I went and found some blue snowflakes  and ironed them on - viola ! a custom made stocking - and she loves it

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