Surfing the web for something to do ......

I know I'm starting to feel better - I'm surfing the web looking for things to try

One item is to find twisted wire  - I saw a class I would like but unfortunately cant get away to take  with
Kate Ferrant Richbourg
 you can see the results at her studio facebook page studio as well

beautiful bracelet class -

I also found this blog- shows how easy it is and to add design to the twist - but dont you just love the simplicity of it !

gotta try this  (in the blog they say about 10G?  but Ill try a few to see how hard it is to put the pattern on )

if you have ever twisted square wire you get a great twist design for your wire wrapping-  but the taigoostudio blog adds some design before you twist - its not very hard at all \

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