14 Days Till Christmas

14 Days - just two weeks left and I'm almost finished my shopping

so many personal things going on  hard to take the time to play and I'm tired when I get home
and as the song goes  "Baby its cold outside"    I was talking to my Nephews wife yesterday in San Diego and it was about 30 degrees F  there as well - all frosty - at least she had palm trees

I've been looking to see about a present for myself (other than the new Surface 2 I bought mysleft a few weeks ago- chose that over the iPad  and love it )

I have my eye on a Durston Rolling Mill - and why ?  I've wanted so bad over the years but then push it to the side -  but I saw one of my fav bloggers got one - Cinnamon Jewellery  - a great blog

so now I am checking them out again - although it may not happen before christmas

so I sit and stare at the picture on the Rio Grande Site http://www.riogrande.com/Product/Durston-100mm-Combination-Rolling-Mill/113512?Pos=18
not sure which model but boy I really would like one

Dear Santa
Deb would really really like a rolling mill

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