18 Days to Christmas

No torching last night - too tired

Someone asked me about my big lentil and how I made it -   I like to use the brass presses that are available
my favorite is the  Catwalk press  and right now there is free shipping in the USA and she will split the intl shpping for those not in the U.S.

I have all the lentil sizes from the small right up to the humongous 2.5"
I really like this graduated one
the 1" is my little cat body the next size up is a 1.5
NOTE:  they also come in a deeper lentil shape as well

and an optional flat base so you can make the back flat
very cool
the 2" is HUGE

but the 2.5"   OMG
Its called the Ellen Black Lentil maker - as she makes amazing huge lentils  ( this much glass gathering takes time to make)
now that I've seen it again - I need to pull it out and give it a try (I've only used it once and seeing the sample above really makes me want to try it again )  this gives you a huge canvas to work on

I have a load (as you saw last week when I migrated back to my basement ) this is one rack - there is another right beside it full as well
Catwalk has tutorials on how to to process the bead with the press 

here is the web site 

Lots of great tools and presses 

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