More Resin Cups - Smoke & X-ray Flowers and a Pennywise cup

So I painted a nice couple of cups white - no drips - yeah !    (so I ended up with a few white based cups ) 

The first one I wanted to try was a "smoke" cup  where you use a little tea light and a piece of metal (knife) over the flame to cause it to smoke  and voila - you get a nice looking background to work with

I then sealed it with a clear  spray so it would not  move from holding it in my hands 
then I printed what are called x-ray flowers  and a phrase and butterflies and applied the waterslide decals to the cup sealed it again with a clear spray - so it wont lift while applying epoxy 

 image of x-ray flowers 

this pic is before resin 

Next I took another  white cup and applied Pennywise decal I printed and saying - sealed it and then epoxied it 

these pics are before resin 

after resin 
Here they are finished with lids 

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