Rough cut - collars

Finally went to studio last night and cut myself a couple sheets of copper
one sheet 24g  and one sheet 36 gauge

I outlined the collar template on the copper with a sharpie pen (in this case silver)
and then cut them out with scissors - yes scissors
the 24g was a bit harder but scissors are easier to use than the big shears and the small hand shears are hard to manipulate -  the wrinkly one is the thinner material - and teh one on left is the 24g - thick enough to be sturdy- light enough to wear and manipulate

 they are roughly cut

and I will go over the edges with the throatless trimmer  - I got a princess auto - reasonable priced - you can nip away and get really nice curve cuts from it easily - as I said I could probably have cut this even better with this cutter than with scissors
Hoping I can get up to the studio tonight - hopefully not too cold - hence why I chose to cut with scissors last night in the warmth of the house

now that I have them done I will sand the edges and ensure no burs - then flatten  best I can and then stamp them with patterns - I have an idea of what I want to do  so by the weekend they should be in the etching bath

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