Update Oct 23

I just realized from my last update I put Dec 3 - maybe knowing how busy I was going to be I was estimating when I would be posting - which seems to be forever
Been sooooo busy at work and my daughter moving and selling her house - and just starting to get organized - last week was the Ottawa show where I went out with Jean at Nortel   and this week is the Creative Festival to teach for two days  (4 classes I think )  and the followng a 1 day little local show I thought I would go to
So  I have things sitting waiting to be done and I so want to torch - but I'll need to organize my basement studio for the winter and get going again down there

I definetly will have a Give-A-way come November 1st   and will have one in December to catch up

I have a new rolling mill coming along with some rolling mill rollers with patterns to try - cant wait to play

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