More Easter Egss - Zentangled

Last weekend was great with the grandkids making easter eggs - and of course once I did  a black and white I just had to do a zentangle - well one led to another - so I never got down to the basement to start spring cleaning  Had lots of fun I could just not stop

So much fun to be had making  easter egss
couple of tips
1. get the blow out egg thingy (as you only put one hole in the egg )

2. get the end piercing - although you could use the end of the bead reamer - but I find the nice sharp end possibly means no breakage - so something very very sharp

3. I used a dremel with a bead reamer on end to enlarge just enough to blow out the egg
4. do not empty till finished
5. when finished dying eggs and wax off  be sure to put a coat of spray sealer on so that when you do blow the egg your dyes do not wash off (this is the big one to remember  and makes everything so much easier)
I used the kyrlon clear spray
6. use room temp eggs ( they are really cold from fridge and affects how easily the wax goes on
7. use cardboard containers for storage as the foam ones can cause condensation
8. wash eggs before using with a little vinegar and rinse and dry - dont leave the vinegar on too long (dont soak) as vinegar eats away at the shell

I set up my goodies

got out the kiska and wax 

make sure your dye container has a wide mouth and can hold 1-1/4 cups of liquid and I bought big spoons at the dollar store - I put egg on spoon and slowly put into jar that I hold slightly sideways so the egg does not drop into the jar - let sit for 2-3 minutes to get color 
while egg in I leave the spoon and then scoop out and grab with paper towel and wipe off