Fired up the torch

I got up early and fired up the torch and kiln - and started making more hearts - Practice, Practice, Practice
I like to just keep making the same thing over and over  and over till I get it
That gives me lots of  beads by the time I get better at it  or bored .

So about 10 hearts this morning some Boro and some soft glass  (morretti)

Going from Boro to soft sometimes can be a challenge since it takes a lot to get the boro to melt and having to watch when I'm melting moretti as it just flows.......  sometimes too much

I am hoping for some good results - the hearts are starting to feel better to make  and the shpaes are looking better

But as I always say - Practice Practice Practice its the only way to learn

I'll post them later as they are in the kiln and wont be out till later tonight

and maybe another couple hours of beads tonight

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