8th Annual Bead Soup - Got my Beads in the mail - and some more beads from the kiln

If I had known my Bead Soup was in the mailbox last night I would have tripped down there and fondled the pretty pretty beads.

My swap partner Jo-Ann Woolverton sent me my bead soup and I pulled the package out of the mailbox this morning -   now I am on my way to work - but at the next stop I ripped open the package - then the next stop I pulled out the bag -   when I got to work I opened the bag and spread all the goodies out -
THANK YOU THANK YOU  JO-ANN -  Cobalt is one of my fave colours  -  My mind is in high gear thinking of what I am going to do with this hoard of goodies

Here is what I am gushing over :

I see an Alex Chang focal bead, an assortment of cobalt glass beads - large and small - a huge assortment of silver findings, crystals and toggles. What a collection to work with - so many ideas - did I mention I love cobalt

Here is what I sent my partner ( we both must have been thinking blue )

I also spent a bit of time in the basement studio last night - was tired so didn't do much
they are not off mandrels (sitting now soaking )
another heart - the round top is better the bottom still could use some work - some cobalt beads - just some more general beads for my stash to work with 


  1. Wow, what gorgeous beads you've received. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with them.
    I've received my pendant. I had it in my mind that it was a tiny little thing. This hits me so much better. I love it! I'm thinking of working it into it's own piece rather than just tossing it onto a chain. I'll be sure to send you a pic when I get to it. Thank you so much for the generous gift.

  2. Thank you Andrea - hope you enjoy the
    the bead soup is truly wonderful and already started on the assembly then I'll have to wait till May to show it

  3. What gorgeous beads! And they do say that cobalt is the color to be this season. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with.