Sunday, February 24, 2013

Engraving - Dichro - Finally - Sheet #1

I have the two sheets of dichro I fired back in September I think - and they have been sitting on my living room coffee table since I brought them in just after the New Year -
So I grabbed one today (after attempting a wire weave as shown in previous blog)
I got a small tray so that I could put water in  and started to engrave with my dremel
after about hour off and on 

the great thing is that you can leave it and come back and forth 
took me a few hours but I finished 
as always dichro so hard to take a pic of and get the shiny image 
the above is under water 
this one is just dried from the water 
not much difference in image appearance 
these sheets are approx 6" x 6" and I will cut them up to make smaller pieces - I like this method as the patterns seem to flow from piece to piece to make them unique 


  1. Very nice - it always surprises me how long it takes to get a sheet done, and I don't know why it keeps surprising me, when it takes me that long to draw a zentangle on paper - and the glass is harder!

    Nice job!

    1. thank you - yes I tend to come and go and leave it on the table - small mni baking sheet just deep enough to cover and hold water - of course now I'm done I want to chop up - and fire