Monday, January 7, 2013

Glass on Metal Magazine - Dec 2012

I have to show an article that the December 2012 issue
You can get a subscription or just one magazine from
This site also has basic how to on enamelling - a great site 

 by Tom Ellis - its amazing
Using .010 (30g) copper foil - can be cut with scissors -( I put 40g in earlier post and  realized typo but it shoudl be 30g )

 this article shows how he makes his 3D effect - one piece - by folding down the malleable metal to give the 3D effect
includes some patterns to try but gives you an idea on how to make your own 

  There is hammering and bending involved using forming tools
to get the 3d effect

-  I cant wait to try this out - (I dont have 30g so I have to get some - I have 36g that I use for microfolding) so I'll have to get my order in this week so I can start to make the patterns then enamel either by torch or by kiln

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