Thursday, January 17, 2013

Conjuncivitis - or simply Pink Eye

YUP - A girl in the office came in friday and let me know she thought she had pink eye (after I worked on her pc ) and when I got home yesterday my right eye was full blown weeping and yucky.  This morning it was sealed shut and the left eye was weeping and yucky and sort of shut .  As I made my way to the bathroom all I could see was a blurry image till I could soak my eyes open.  Got my daughter to drive into work and then I waited a bit and ran off to the drug store to get some Polysporin eye drops.  The right is not so bad now but the left is really weepy and yucky and sore  but I think after 2 hours the drops are starting to work  - the right is pretty good and the left not so sore (the gritty feeling is going away ).  I look like I have been crying for days.   Evidently only lasts a short time long as you wash your hands, wash your eyes and apply the antibiotic drops - was worried this was going to affect my weekend plans of lampworking and other projects.

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