Still playing with Theresa Collins stamp maker

I thought I would give another try to the stamp maker as it goes so quickly and time over the next few days is slim to none.   I have updated the tutorial but I thought I would do a separate note just to show what I did today.

I took the negative and a sharpie and made my lines thicker ( the open space for the larger areas was letting more light in and the lines did not come out as thick as I would like in the stamp so this was a quick fix )

I went through the process and got a really good stamp

Now this was my second try- cant wait to try it out and prep some glass for etching and cutting 

On the first try I thought I remembered the times 

On the first try I exposed the back for 30 seconds instead of 3 seconds and the front the 3 minutes 
what I got was an almost exposed stamp 

very minimal impression - you can still see it but it was nearly all solid stamp 

On the second that worked out well I still must have not given it the right amount but it all worked
the 3 seconds are supposed to  be a flash exposure  to give a thin background to the stamp 
It worked but you can see some areas that the backing of the film that the stamp material sticks too shows through (shiny) 

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