Enamel Beading Set Up

This is a typical Enamel Beading set up that I like

This dates back to the old days of PINZART - Pam East - when she used to do enamel beading
I have a lot that chunk enamel - left I'll have to show soon as using tubing and the large mesh enamels was a lot of fun

This set up is for basic Enamel Beading with iron or base metal beads.
The metal cups are from Dollarama - you get 2/$1
The loaf pan from Dollarama - 3/$1
Vermiculite - Uline carries but they make you buy two huge bags - you can get at some garden centres 
Ceramic Tile for the base 
Mapp Gas Cannister
Fireworks self igniting torch head 
Metal band and angle piece to hold canister to the table 
Bowl of Beads
Bead Holding Mandrel  (Thompson Enamels)
Finger Bead Removal Tool (I make these) 
Your biggest cost is the torch head - but you could set up for under 100.00 and have a few enamels as well 

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