Next step - fresh propane

 Picked up the propane last night  and installed  the gages and hoses. Checked for leaks (none) turned on the oxy cons and set them .

Sat at the torch  and lit it  POOOF.   Decided I needed to melt a little glass  just to get the feel and made a tiny turtle - (I dont usually do tiny)  I want to make about 25 pairs of  turtle earrings  and 25 pendant size turtles  and some large  turtles .  My list is growing for what I want to get done before next show in June. 

So ready for this weekend - I may need some heaters - I bought a large one that is supposed to do my full 25 x 30 space  so I may have to take the time to install that this weekend 

tiny  turtle for earrings 

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